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2011 Goals, review of 2010 goals

…or, how being a parent kicked my butt.  I did a review of 2009 goals post before I made my 2010 goals post last year.  I missed on many of them but still hit on a good number of them in 2009 and came away with the realization I needed to dramatically reduce the number of goals.  I simplified for 2010 but still missed almost all of them.  2 for 9.  I went a little big too big in 2010 as a new parent with an expectant spouse, lesson learned.  On to 2011, with two kids this time!  Fewer goals and a little more modest.

2011 Goals

Drop 30+ pounds by end of July (brother’s wedding)
Build a basic functioning web app (thinking Python / MySQL)
Keep learning (complete a MIT OCW course)

Get “1″ Rated
Meet quarterly with mentor(s)

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