Dan Sweet

2009 Goals


  1. Adjust to sleeping in 2-3 hour stretches.
  2. Get the baby sleeping through the night.
  3. Make time to play with the baby every day.
  4. Lock down the diet and exercise again.
  5. Get the broken ankle to finally heal properly.
  6. Figure out the babysitter / going out with the wife logistics.
  7. Make a buy/rent decision that both makes financial sense and is livable.
  8. Find a good church when we move.


  1. Thank Facebook peeps for all the new baby congrats.
  2. Stay connected with old friends via phone / Skype.
  3. Figure out what roles I want Twitter, blogging, and Facebook to fill.
  4. Continue to “unfriend” people who are barely acquaintances.
  5. Enjoy last semester with MBA peeps.
  6. Find cool friends when we move.


  1. Get caught up on 700+ unread posts in Google Reader.
  2. Do something about the 4000 emails in my Gmail inbox.
  3. End each day with an empty inbox.
  4. Get a Linux install up and running on the laptop.
  5. Learn some perl and SQL.
  6. Blog more consistently.
  7. Kick ass in my new finance manager role.
  8. Find a  solid mentor.

Why does a finance guy need a blog?

Q: How do you tell an extroverted finance guy from an introverted finance guy?
A: He looks at your shoes instead of his own.
(as told to me by my future boss before I started at P&G)

I don’t fit the finance guy stereotype.  I am a little too loud, I joke around a little too much, and I’ve spent seven years in the non-profit world.  However, I recently got an MBA from Notre Dame and have somehow become a finance guy.

I’ve started this blog because I want a place to jot down my thoughts, archive cool stuff I find online, and join in the conversation.

I plan to transcend the “finance guy” stereotype both in my career and in my posts here.

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