Dan Sweet

“One of us is off base, but its definitely not me!”

This video on Youtube is amazing.  Could also be titled-“why you should never make predictions on TV.”  Ten minutes of pure talking head awesomeness!

Memorable moments occur at these points:

2:15 “I’ll bet you a penny!”classic! nothing like the I’ll bet you a penny line to show you are serious!

2:40 “in a normal market home prices will rise about 10%”

3:32 “what artificial lending standard are you talking about!?!” (voice dripping with scorn)

4:10 Ben Stein “financials are being given away…its as if nuclear war has struck the financials” Dow @ 13k

5:19 Ben Stein “sub-prime is a tiny tiny blip”

6:10 Peter Schiff “the fundamentals are NOT sound”

6:28 Ben Stein “Merrill is astonishing well run, might as well be putting it in cereal boxes and giving it away aat these prices” Merrill @ $75

7:25 Ben Stein “their earnings are HUGE, what are you talking about?!?”

8:50 “I like Washington Mutual, I know we are catching a falling knife”

9:20 ” Dow will go to 16k easily”