Dan Sweet

Quora is Yahoo Answers for smart people.

Particularly, smart people who are involved in high tech, working at or investing in startups, live in the Bay Area/NYC/Boston, are academics, run VC funds, are former founders, or early Google or Facebook employees, or work at Twitter or Foursquare.  At least that is what it is for me.  The people, questions, or topics you follow (by clicking the “Follow” button), the answers you up or downvote, and the threads you read and comment on determine what it is for you.  I’ve invited friends to join Quora and been surprised to find that for them Quora is all about, China, Latin America, greentech, or the Los Angeles Lakers.

Check out my Quora profile to see what it has been for me recently.

I’m an information junkie and always want to understand the “why”.  This is why I ended up with an economics degree, it promised explanations to questions like why airplane tickets are priced the way they are.  Quora is fun because you often get great answers from people with real domain experience.  With the best answers upvoted and answers from more prominent contributors appearing higher than answers from nobody’s you spend very little time reading non value-added comments.

If you enjoy learning things you really don’t NEED to know, Quora is the place for you.

2011 Goals, review of 2010 goals

…or, how being a parent kicked my butt.  I did a review of 2009 goals post before I made my 2010 goals post last year.  I missed on many of them but still hit on a good number of them in 2009 and came away with the realization I needed to dramatically reduce the number of goals.  I simplified for 2010 but still missed almost all of them.  2 for 9.  I went a little big too big in 2010 as a new parent with an expectant spouse, lesson learned.  On to 2011, with two kids this time!  Fewer goals and a little more modest.

2011 Goals

Drop 30+ pounds by end of July (brother’s wedding)
Build a basic functioning web app (thinking Python / MySQL)
Keep learning (complete a MIT OCW course)

Get “1″ Rated
Meet quarterly with mentor(s)